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“Courage is… mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

(Mark Twain)

Yoga for Healing - Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is profoundly healing on every level of being.

In a safe, peaceful, respectful and warm environment, students learn to receive the healing benefits of yoga.

Our classes focus on conscious relaxation and meditation (pratyahara, dharana and dhyana), deep breathing (pranayama), safe, individualized, mobilizing movement (gentle asana), the power of sound (mantra), focus, and deep healing states (yoga nidra and samadhi).

Each student is supported as needed with a variety of props including chairs, bolsters, bands and blocks, and with individually appropriate adaptations to postures and practices.

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connection that is yoga brings about realization of wholeness, empowerment and grace, and offers steadiness despite ongoing challenges.

Students must pre-register for all classes. Class size is limited. (Newcomers are welcome to try a class free of charge.) Private and semi-private classes are also offered. Please inquire. Thank you.

Senior Yoga
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